SEP 13 2014 – JAN 19 2015



The Journey

The ultimate road trip, to a thousand destinations, for one unforgettable exhibition. In 2013, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art’s curatorial team hit the road to investigate what’s happening in American art today. Over the course of a year, the team logged more than 100,000 miles, crisscrossing the United States to visit nearly 1,000 artists.

Traveling to communities large and small, the Museum sought to discover artists whose work has not yet been fully recognized on a national level. On their travels, museum curators conducted hundreds of hours of one-on-one conversations with artists in their studios.

The Exhibition

The result of this unprecedented journey is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that draws from every region of the US, offering an unusually diverse look at American art. State of the Art brings together the artwork of more than 100 artists, ranging from works on canvas and paper to photography and video to installation and performance art, and more. The exhibition examines the ways in which today’s artists are informed by the past, innovating with materials old and new, and engaging deeply with issues relevant to our times.

Complimentary admission; no tickets or reservations required.


Peggy Nolan

Peggy Nolan b. 1944       STUDIO IN MIAMI, FL You might say photographer Peggy Nolan was Instagramming long before Instagram. Her nuanced, intimate photographs of everyday familial life often share the immediacy that is now the hallmark of the popular photo-sharing app. And yet, a closer look reveals what sets the artist’s work apart: Nolan possesses


Peter Glenn Oakley

Peter Glenn Oakley b. 1971       STUDIO IN BANNER ELK, NC When you think of marble sculpture, the idealized nude figures of ancient Greece and Rome immediately spring to mind. Like those monuments of antiquity, Peter Glenn Oakley’s refined, hand-carved marble sculptures invite close viewing. But these are no mythological heroes or political leaders of the


Randy Regier

Randy Regier b. 1964      STUDIO IN WICHITA, KS Imagine walking down Main Street in a small town at dusk. Unexpectedly, in a barren space between two buildings, you discover Randy Regier’s NuPenny’s Last Stand, a locked, one-room toy stand that seems to have beamed in from the Atomic Age. Through the windows, shelves stocked with seemingly


Sheila Gallagher

Sheila Gallagher b. 1966      STUDIO IN BOSTON, MA In her colorful melted-plastic work Plastic Lila, Boston-based artist Sheila Gallagher applies innovative, self-developed techniques to everyday materials, creating an image that infuses new life into historical tradition. Like the miniature Hindu paintings she studied on a recent trip to India, Gallagher’s painting explores the parallels between romantic


Sheila Gallagher – Experience and Inspiration

Sheila Gallagher – Experience and Inspiration Sheila Gallagher discusses influences in her work and her experiences in India.


Sheila Gallagher – Painting in Plastic

Sheila Gallagher – Painting in Plastic Sheila Gallagher discusses her process in creating Plastic Lila.


Sheila Gallagher – Smoke Painting

Sheila Gallagher – Smoke Painting Sheila Gallagher explains the process of smoke painting.


Sonya Clark

Sonya Clark b. 1967      STUDIO IN RICHMOND, VA A daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean, Sonya Clark investigates questions of value, racial politics, and American identity through inventive manipulation of found materials— often materials associated with African American hair and hair styling. In her Albers Interaction series, the artist wraps colored thread around stacks of hair


Susan Goethel Campbell

Susan Goethel Campbell b. 1956      STUDIO IN FERNDALE, MI Susan Goethel Campbell can take something as seemingly ordinary and un-emotive as sod and turn it into a sensual, shapely figure. With her Clods and Grounds series, Campbell repurposes post-consumer packaging in which she grows sod to the point of complete rootedness in the shape of the


Susie J. Lee

Susie J. Lee b. 1972      STUDIO IN SEATTLE, WA Seattle artist Susie J. Lee is adding a new dimension to the ancient art of portraiture. Lee has embarked upon a series of portraits based in time. She asks her subjects—workers in the oil and natural gas “fracking” industry in her native North Dakota—to sit silently for


Terence Hammonds

Terence Hammonds b. 1976      STUDIO IN CINCINNATI, OH Terence Hammonds’s You’ve Got To Get Up To Get Down invites us into a space decorated with wallpaper, a HiFi record player, and several individual dance floor platforms. The artist intends that we activate the installation by choosing to play music from a stack of records, and then


Terence Hammonds – The Artist’s Life and Work

Terence Hammonds – The Artist’s Life and Work Terence Hammonds explains how his interests in reading, music, vintage furniture, and social issues come together in his art.


Terence Hammonds – The Politics of Music and Conflict

Terence Hammonds – The Politics of Music and Conflict Hammonds explains the historical underpinnings in the elements of his work.


Teri Greeves

Teri Greeves b. 1970      STUDIO IN SANTA FE, NM Growing up in her mother’s trading post on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, Teri Greeves—whose father was a sculptor and whose family tree includes the renowned Kiowa artist Silver Horn—absorbed a deep knowledge of a full range of Native American art forms. She was especially drawn


Teri Greeves – Art in a Kiowa Voice

Teri Greeves – Art in a Kiowa Voice Teri Greeves discusses the importance of her Native American heritage in her work.


Teri Greeves – Cradleboard Symbolism

Teri Greeves – Cradleboard Symbolism Greeves discusses traditional symbols in her work and the Kiowa tradition of the ah-day, or favorite child.


Teri Greeves – Kiowa Women: Tradition and Innovation

Teri Greeves – Kiowa Women: Tradition and Innovation Teri Greeves discusses the vital role of women in keeping Kiowa culture alive, and the use of beadwork in expressing the artist’s voice.


Tim Liddy

Tim Liddy b. 1963      STUDIO IN ST. LOUIS, MO Tim Liddy’s painted constructions so closely resemble their board game inspirations that many viewers walk right past, thinking they must be found objects. Liddy relishes the confusion. The works are actually elaborately enameled copper sculptures, each seemingly printed word and every abraded strip of masking tape made


Video Interviews with the Artists

Bios • Work • Process


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with State of the Art


September is national Hispanic Heritage Month! Visit the current exhibition State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now and see how several Hispanic artists from across the country are celebrating their heritage, contemplating issues, and sparking conversations with their art.  Here are three:   Catalina Delgado-Trunk uses traditional papel picado (cut paper) methods to create


State of the Art in Your Pocket!


State of the Art is open! Get out of your chair, grab your friends and family, and come out to view this remarkable exhibition! But, hey, if you can’t get here right away, we have prepared ways for you to experience State of the Art from wherever you are. State of the Art on Your


A Post-Party Post


Last night was the artist and sponsor reception for State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now.  Some 70 artists whose work is in the exhibition attended.   For those of us who have been working behind the scenes, it was a powerful experience to meet face-to-face the real live people whose names, bios, and artwork