SEP 13 2014 – JAN 19 2015



The Journey

The ultimate road trip, to a thousand destinations, for one unforgettable exhibition. In 2013, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art’s curatorial team hit the road to investigate what’s happening in American art today. Over the course of a year, the team logged more than 100,000 miles, crisscrossing the United States to visit nearly 1,000 artists.

Traveling to communities large and small, the Museum sought to discover artists whose work has not yet been fully recognized on a national level. On their travels, museum curators conducted hundreds of hours of one-on-one conversations with artists in their studios.

The Exhibition

The result of this unprecedented journey is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that draws from every region of the US, offering an unusually diverse look at American art. State of the Art brings together the artwork of more than 100 artists, ranging from works on canvas and paper to photography and video to installation and performance art, and more. The exhibition examines the ways in which today’s artists are informed by the past, innovating with materials old and new, and engaging deeply with issues relevant to our times.

Complimentary admission; no tickets or reservations required.


Carl Joe Williams – The Power of Color

Carl Joe Williams – The Power of Color Carl Joe Williams discusses his artistic process and the importance of color in his work.


Catalina Delgado – Art Grows From Traditional Stories

Catalina Delgado – Art Grows From Traditional Stories Catalina Delgado-Trunk explains the myths and symbolism depicted in her work.


Catalina Delgado-Trunk

Catalina Delgado-Trunk b. 1945      STUDIO IN ALBUQUERQUE, NM Growing up in Mexico, Catalina Delgado-Trunk developed a lifelong love of Mesoamerican cultural traditions, especially that of papel picado (cut paper). After a long career in the United States teaching French and ballet, she returned to art school in her 40s and reconnected with her childhood love. For


Celestia Morgan

Celestia Morgan b. 1981       STUDIO IN BIRMINGHAM, AL Celestia Morgan originally planned to be an elementary school educator, not a photographic artist. But once she was introduced to the medium, it became a natural outlet for her. A nod to her cultural roots, Morgan’s early projects focused on the Southern tradition of making homemade biscuits


Chris Larson

Chris Larson b. 1966      STUDIO IN MINNEAPOLIS, MN Chris Larson’s artwork can take many forms—drawing, performance, sculpture, video—depending on the concept he seeks to convey. Sometimes, as in his video Heavy Rotation, Larson deploys all of these media to dramatic effect. The video begins with an overhead shot of the artist using a rudimentary compass to


Chris Sauter

Chris Sauter b. 1971       STUDIO IN SAN ANTONIO, TX Chris Sauter works in a studio converted from an old church. Upended pews, church hymnals, and the artist’s work fill the space from floor to ceiling. The setting befits Sauter’s artistic practice, which questions traditional binaries of human experience, like nature and nurture, science and religion.


Cobi Moules

Cobi Moules b. 1980      STUDIO IN BROOKLYN, NY Cobi Moules’s paintings of landscapes, created from his own travels across the United States, honor the traditions of the “Great American Landscape” as envisioned by the Hudson River School painters. At the same time, Moules’s images challenge the landscape’s literal and metaphorical dominance. Where the Hudson River School


Cobi Moules – Entering the Landscapes of Cobi Moules

Cobi Moules – Entering the Landscapes of Cobi Moules Cobi Moules explains his series of landscapes and how they reflect a sense of play and exploration.


Cobi Moules – Many Selves: Gender and Identity

Cobi Moules – Many Selves: Gender and Identity Cobi Moules shares how exploration of his own identity is expressed in his art.


Collin Chillag

Colin Chillag b. 1971      STUDIO IN PHOENIX, AZ Colin Chillag’s paintings look unfinished. In Desert Grave with Daily Schedule, for example, an image of a graveside memorial crisply emerges, but the realistic illusion of the painting ends abruptly as your eye moves out from the center. The artist leaves large swaths of the canvas unpainted. Those


Dan Steinhilber

Dan Steinhilber b. 1972      STUDIO IN WASHINGTON, DC Dan Steinhilber’s studio occupies a portion of a bustling industrial warehouse filled with sculptural and everyday materials. Steinhilber was trained in drawing and painting, but in his work he is continually pushing everyday materials—often found and then altered—into large-scale sculptural forms. He has worked with garbage bags, chain-link


Dan Webb

Dan Webb b. 1965      STUDIO IN SEATTLE, WA Dan Webb’s carved wood sculpture Destroyer tells a story of becoming. Two finely modeled arms emerge from a rectangular, human- scale block of fir. The gloved hands grip a carver’s mallet and a chisel. At the shoulder, these disembodied limbs are bound to the main body of the


Dan Witz

Dan Witz b. 1957      STUDIO IN BROOKLYN, NY Dan Witz’s artwork spans the realms of public art, graffiti, and fine-art painting. He estimates that 60 to 70 percent of his work is given away for free—he creates masterful trompe l’oeil paintings and installs them in unexpected places on the streets of metropolises around the world, waiting


Danial Nord

Danial Nord b. 1960      STUDIO IN SAN PEDRO, CA After years of working in the field of commercial television production, Danial Nord has a substantial tool kit of technical capabilities at his disposal. He now deploys these skills in the making of large-scale works of art, often incorporating sculptural forms and video imagery.   For State


Dave Adey – A New Way of Looking at the Body

Dave Adey – A New Way of Looking at the Body Dave Adey discusses the making of Hide.


Dave Adey – Experimenting with Ideas

Dave Adey – Experimenting with Ideas Dave Adey describes his artistic process and the role of experimentation in his work.


Dave Greber

Dave Greber b. 1982       STUDIO IN NEW ORLEANS, LA All day, every day, we are overwhelmed with images: scrolling feeds, digital touchscreens, glowing pixels. Multiple simultaneous voices continuously tweet and share and like, interrupting one another to find their way into our consciousness. Using a similarly tumultuous structure, Dave Greber’s video work co-opts the vocabulary


Dave Greber – Creating an Artist’s Life in New Orleans

Dave Greber – Creating an Artist’s Life in New Orleans Dave Greber discusses his transition from commercial video to art and how the city of New Orleans contributed to his career.


Video Interviews with the Artists

Bios • Work • Process


Expanding the Cycle of Creative Energy with Kristen Cliffell


Today we present another guest blog post: this time by State of the Art artist Kristen Cliffel.  Cliffel participated in the Museum’s Symposium in November, and returns to Crystal Bridges this coming weekend to lead both adult and youth workshops in making art using your own memorabilia.  (Learn more about them here:  there are still


Discovery and Recovery with Jason Vaughn


Jason Vaughn‘s photo series hide features lovely, sometimes haunting images of the semi-permanent deer-hunting stands he has discovered in his adopted home of Wisconsin. Vaughn grew up far from the rural culture of hunting, and so when he began this project, he associated the stands with killing and death. As he met and talked with the hunters who owned


State of the Art Catalogs: Library Art and Architecture


State of the Art is an exhibition that reaches a wide group of individuals from all over the country, but especially for the Northwest Arkansas region.  The State of the Art Catalog is one of the ways in which individuals can take a piece of the exhibit back home.  What makes the catalog even more unique