Dan Steinhilber

Dan Steinhilber



NorthEast Region of USA
Dan Steinhilber
Dan Steinhilber’s studio occupies a portion of a bustling industrial warehouse filled with sculptural and everyday materials. Steinhilber was trained in drawing and painting, but in his work he is continually pushing everyday materials—often found and then altered—into large-scale sculptural forms. He has worked with garbage bags, chain-link fencing, plastic water bottles, and obsolete household appliances. The artist finds beauty and wonder in the mundane—creating visual poetry from the commonplace. Transformation is a key theme in Steinhilber’s practice. In Reflecting Room, he creates an uncanny interior from a material more often used for insulation. You have the experience of being inside a child’s birthday balloon or one of Andy Warhol’s signature floating Clouds. The title suggests both the opportunity to see oneself in its mirror-like surface, and the space to contemplate life’s larger questions.

I wasn’t trained as a sculptor, so I just look at what’s around me and the skill that I already have. These paintings, they’re not canvas and paint, they’re just polyethylene plastic. Just a scrap that I saw on the street inspired me to make a series of pieces.

— Dan Steinhilber