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On October 7, 2014, the Museum hosts the inaugural Summit at Crystal Bridges: Insights from a Changing America.  Organized in conjunction with the ground-breaking exhibition State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now, this invitational event will bring together an extraordinary group of policy-makers, thought-leaders, educators, business people, artists, museum professionals and others to share ideas, ignite inspiration, and imagine the future of American art.  Participants will take part in a series of informative and compelling sessions on topics including museums of the future, art in the digital age, and art as an advocate for social change.


The convergence of new technology, accessible information, and rapidly changing consumer tastes has resulted in an unprecedented rate of cultural change. We experience the change in communities across America and in today’s conversations, trends, and artistic expressions. The Summit at Crystal Bridges will address questions such as:   What are the driving forces of a changing America? Which meaningful trends and themes are redefining American art and its role in American life? What happens next?

Follow the #StateoftheArt conversation on Twitter throughout the day @twitter.com/crystalbridges.   And check back on the Crystal Bridges website for insights and outcomes from the Summit.

The Summit at Crystal Bridges is sponsored by U.S Trust and Sotheby’s.