Jeila Gueramian

Jeila Gueramian



NorthEast Region of USA
Jeila Gueramian
For Jeila Gueramian, inspiration and source material is never farther away than the nearest thrift store. Gueramian grew up taking things apart and putting them back together in new ways. As an adult, she has made a career out of taking something common and homely and turning it on end, beckoning people of all ages to inspect, discover, and engage with her playful creations. Her large, wonder-filled installations are just as much about the audience’s interaction as they are about the objects themselves. Within the comfort of her soft, womb-like structures, the inner child in us feels free to emerge. This magical environment is full of whimsical creatures, hand-crafted from recycled textiles to become something fantastical, phantasmagoric, and yet never threatening. The monsters here are all friendly. The created world is warm and welcoming—a place where your imagination is safe to run wild and explore.

In this body of work I’ve been thinking about the macro and the micro—you see something far away and then you come in and notice something really special. The installation is my way of tipping my hat to things I loved as a kid. There are definitely some imaginative, fantastical things, because I want people to experience something for the first time, like a child.

— Jeila Gueramian